Things to Do in Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, and is famous for the amazing variety of natural and geological features that you'll find scattered all over this 1805 square kilometre park. You can find fjords, exposed mantle, beaches, forests, and even bogs here. There is a bit of everything!

As much as I'm sure we would all love to visit every spot in Gros Morne National Park, it'll be pretty difficult to do that on limited time. So here is a list of places that I visited, so you can decide whether you want to stop off there or not!

Gros Morne Discovery Centre

This might seem like a weird spot to put on this list, but it's a great place to start off your visit in Gros Morne National Park. Not only can you pick up a map here to plan out your stops in the park, they also have some fabulous displays that will teach you all about the beautiful features you'll find in the Park. I always find that I appreciate the things around me more when I know a little bit about their history and significance!


The hours of the Gros Morne Discovery Centre changes throughout the year. Click here for current hours.

The Tablelands

Not too far from the Discovery Centre is the Tablelands. Formed when two tectonic plates collided many years ago exposing Earth's mantle, the Tablelands is one of the reasons why Gros Morne National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site! At 4km return, the trail is an easy one and only takes about 1.5 hours to complete. If you want to explore further off the trail you can as well. You can join a guided tour or pick up a self-guiding device from the Discovery Centre before you start exploring. I wrote a more detailed post on the Tablelands here, so check that out if you want to read more!


Berry Hill Pond Trail

Although I am Canadian, I have never seen a beaver in real life. I even went to the zoo once to try to see them but they all hid from me - true story! So when I heard that beaver sightings happened often at Berry Hill Pond Trail, I had to make a stop there. I'm sad to to report that I didn't come across any beavers when I visited, but it was an exceptionally foggy morning so maybe they were around but I just couldn't see them! Berry Hill Pond Trail is a short 2km loop and is mostly flat so it's an easy walk. If you go and end up seeing some beavers, let me know!


Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse


Being an island, Newfoundland is home to many lighthouses. In fact I visited two other ones there, one being Cape Spear and the other being Cape Bonavista. Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse stood out for me for the really great exhibit it housed, telling the stories of the keepers who lived and worked there.


The Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse is open between May and October. Click here for current hours.

Green Gardens Trail


The Green Gardens Trail is arguably one of the more popular hikes at the Gros Morne National Park. The trail takes you through a number of diverse landscapes, beginning in a barren landscape similar to the Tablelands, then taking you down through a wooded area, before finally reaching the luscious green meadow landscape overlooking the coast. From there, you can explore the shoreline, and at low tide you can access a sea cave!


At 9km return (so about 3-4 hours of hiking), the Green Gardens Trail is classified as moderate/strenuous. The first leg of the hike is mostly downhill, but the return leg is a little challenging as you have to climb back up!

SS Ethie Shipwreck

The SS Ethie Shipwreck ran aground in December 1919 during a violent storm. Luckily all who were aboard were rescued, and what's left behind here are some remnants of the ship. There aren't really any signs so it will be a quick stop, but could be an interesting one for photographers.


The Arches Provincial Park

The Arches Provincial Park is not technically in Gros Morne National Park, but it is only a little ways north of Gros Morne on Route 430 and is another good place for a quick stop. The Arches (like the Dungeon in Bonavista) was formed naturally by tidal erosion, and you can walk along the shore line there and admire the strength of nature. 


Western Brook Pond Fjord

The Western Brook Pond is a fjord carved out billions of years ago by glaciers. You can hike around the pond, or take a boat tour into it. It's definitely a highlight of Gros Morne National Park, and you'll be blown away by the beautiful rock formations, towering cliffs on either side of the fjord, and amazing waterfalls. I wrote more about the Western Brook Pond fjord boat tour here, so check that out for more detailed information.


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