Free Things to Do in Rome - Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the free things that you can do in Rome. Well, there was too much to fit into one post so here's part two of my list of things that you can do in this beautiful city for free!

Take in the city views from the Victor Emmanuel II Monument

The jury seems to be out on this monument, with some thinking it is beautiful, and others thinking that it is a bit of an eye-sore (it has a couple of unflattering nicknames like 'the false teeth'). Built to commemorate Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy, this large white marble structure houses many large sculptures. It is also home to the eternal flame and the Tomb of the Unknown soldier.


Whatever you think of the monument, I think it is worth a (free!) visit to get a stunning view of the city from the terrace of the monument.


Enjoy a gelato at the quaint Tiber Island

Crossing Ponte Fabricio, Rome's oldest bridge (built in 62 BC!), you'll find yourself on Tiber Island. This tiny island sits in the middle or the Tiber River, between the Roman Ghetto and the Trastevere neighbourhood.

The island is small so there isn't much there. I personally just loved how peaceful and quaint it was. But you can visit the Basilica of St. Bartholomew, or just grab a gelato from Tiberino Ristorante Bar (just to the left of Ponte Fabricio as you head into the island) and stroll through the island, enjoying the moment! I enjoyed their basil and lemon gelato, although my favourite is still the gelato I had in Florence!


Visit the Trastevere neighbourhood

I had heard that Trastevere was a must-visit neighbourhood in Rome, but to be honest, I didn't really know much else about it heading in. My impression of the area after visiting it is that it is very charming. I loved the quiet cobbled streets, with the colourful buildings.

Some great and free things that you can do in Trastevere include visiting the Basilica of Santa Maria to see the amazing ceiling and mosaics within it (below), and the Santa Cecilia of Trastevere .


Also, don't miss out on the amazing panoramic view of the city from Janiculum Hill. It was a little hazy when I went, but I can imagine just how beautiful it would be on a nice day.

The Janiculum Hill is also home to the monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and also a monument for his wife, Anita Garibaldi.

Take in the grandeur of St. Peter's Basilica

I'm pretty sure I had my mouth open in awe the whole time I was at St. Peter's Basilica. I truly didn't expect it to be as grand as it was. This basilica deserves a post of its own (to come!) but I think it's important to include it in a free things to do in Rome list, because it is free to visit.  

Theatre of Marcellus

The Theatre of Marcellus was an open-air theatre that could seat up to 20,000 people.  If you're thinking that it looks a little bit like the Roman Colosseum, it's because it served as a model for it. The upper floors of the theatre have been turned into expensive apartments. How cool would it be to live there? There is a path that goes right by it that you can walk down for free, so you can admire the structure up close. This theatre is right next to the Roman Ghetto so if you're in the area for an amazing meal (the best I had in Italy!), don't forget to visit the Theatre of Marcellus afterwards!

Click here for part one of my list of free things to do in Rome. Was there anything that I missed? Let me know in the comments, and give me an excuse to return to Rome...!

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