EMP Museum

The EMP Museum was my second favourite thing that I did in my weekend in Seattle this summer (second to The Wing). This museum is amazingly interactive and and a must visit for anyone who has an interest in popular culture. 

If you're into Sci-Fi movies, there are a number of artifacts from Sci-Fi movies there like Robin Williams's spacesuit from Mork and Mindy, and the hover board from Back to the Future. There is also currently a Star Trek exhibit there, but I know nothing about Star Trek so I skipped that exhibit. If you're into Fantasy, there is an exhibit on that too.


If you're into fashion design, they had an exhibition on wearable art, where they displayed some amazing submissions from an international competition, where designers were tasked with creating wearable art pieces. I was in awe at how talented the designers were! 

If you're into horror movies, they had a horror movie exhibit, showing props from some of the most famous horror movies. Even someone like me who HATES horror movies enjoyed this exhibit. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I hate horror movies, (I can't watch them because I can't go into bathrooms afterwards. Something bad seems to always happen in the bathroom in those movies), but I got drawn into watching the clips from some of the most prolific horror movies that they were playing. 

They even had the gamers covered with an exhibit on indie games where you actually get to play the games that were featured. 

What really interested me though were the exhibits around music. They showcased some of Jimi Hendrix's personal items such as his hand written lyrics and a bag that he used when he traveled.

Also at the EMP was an amazing Nirvana exhibit, documenting their path from being underground musicians to becoming more mainstream. They had some of their guitars, clothing, demo tapes, and many other Nirvana-related items on display.

The most impressive part for me was the interactive "recording booths" that they had set up. You could go into them and learn how to play instruments such as the drums, the guitar, or singing and just play to your heart's content (there is a time limit of course, so others can enjoy the space too). I haven't seen anything like this at any other museum! 

I think there is something for everyone at the EMP Museum. It's definitely work a visit if you have a couple of hours in Seattle! And even if you don't go inside, the exterior of the museum is worth seeing. It's a very unique building designed by Frank O. Gehry! 

Want to get here?

Hours: Open daily, except for some holidays (check their website). 10AM-5PM (winter hours), 10AM-7PM (summer hours)
Address: 325 5th Avenue N, at the Seattle Center
General Admission: $25, but it is one of the museums you can access with the CityPASS
Estimated time to spend here: 3 hours (maybe more!)

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