Welcome to Dotted Line Travels

I'm Bryna!

I'm a twenty-something introvert with a love for travel that started when I was very young thanks to parents who really encouraged me to see the world. Growing up, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to live in a number of different countries, and I got hooked on exploring new places and learning about different cultures. 

New to Dotted Line Travels and don't know where to start?

I've shared some of my more personal thoughts on whether full-time travelling is for me, what airports mean to me, and also my first cherry blossom viewing experience that I think will stay with me for a very long time. On a not so personal note, I've also shared my very public love for Japanese toilets!

Some of my favourite travel adventures include a trip to the North Korean border, a very interesting dim sum experience at a historical tea house in Hong Kong, and a visit to the very colourful Busan Gamcheon Culture Village.